SaħħarSep 27

First Tour Announced!

It’s been a few months in the works, and it’s many years overdue but finally, I am able to say that it’s is official and Saħħar will hit 9 different stages across Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. Excited is hardly the word to describe my state as well as how elated my current session musicians […]
SaħħarDec 13

Saħħar about to Hit the Stage again!

It is with pride and anxious joy that I declare my live performance in Sanguis Noctem along with Death Metal Chaotic Remains, and Doom Metal Oblique Vision. I’m both glad and honoured in sharing the stage with these guys. even if I am actually standing in for Thrash Metal Grotium, to which I salute and […]
SaħħarOct 21

New EP Anncounced!

This pandemic was a bit of a bane to publish music, especially in physical format. But I’m sick of staying in this limbo with an ever-growing backlog of songs so here it is.   This release is entitled MEXXEJ TA’ LAĦAM MEJJET, it roughly translates to Leader of Carrion and will be available on 6th […]
SaħħarMar 22

Saħħar on SLAY AT HOME

Metal Injection is a popular magazine for Metal. They have been organizing an awesome online set on a monthly basis. Enjoy my uncut set from the March edition. I am really glad for the great response and I hope you enjoy it as well.  


Saħħar “L-Irmied tal-Ħaruf” – Official Track Stream

Saħħar – Ħolm il-Ħajbu Kożmiku

Saħħar “… u Tilqa x-Xjaten” Official Track Stream

Saħħar – “Ixrob mill-Kalċi, ja Poplu Misħut!” Official Track Stream